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Founder of Holy Chaos Design

Erika Saunders, Founder


With an educational background comprised of a master's degree in Construction Management, a bachelor's degree in Aeronautics, and additional education in occupational safety, technical/project management and logistics & supply chain, Erika has always looked for ways to synergize her education, professional endeavors and values. She has worked in various industries, including aviation maintenance, industrial supply & manufacturing and lastly, warehouse operations - where she had the honor of working alongside an all-female, interior design firm.

In the height of COVID, Erika's father passed away and her mother moving in to an assisted living facility, she remotely managed the downsizing of her

family home. While she worked with a handful of contractors to oversee the operation of refurbishing what could be salvaged as well as the haul away of furnishings that couldn't stay, there was a part of her regretted not being there - knowing one, how much of an emotional process this stage in life can be and second, how she could have executed it better. During a trip to back home to visit loved ones, Erika's childhood friend "Samantha" asked for her help organizing her home. Samantha, a self-proclaimed "saver of everything" and a mother of two, specifically wanted to start with a decluttered space for her children. Knowing that it can be emotionally difficult to part with decades-worth of possessions, she provided Samantha with various options for decluttering to ensure that her friend remained in control of the process. Erika officially launched Holy Chaos Design in 2023 to channel her educational and career experiences, as well as her innate interest in helping people achieve their organizing battles by building and implementing practical systems to boost emotional well being through clearing the chaos. 

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